Years of experience

We receive questions from people every day regarding the needs of our services and abilities. The main question we receive often is what services we offer. One of the is fixing loose tiles. But a comprehensive list can be found on the services page.

The reality is that emergency local plumbers can be called to fix many different issues. One example of an issue may include clogged drains, if a drain or pipe is obstructed by a foreign material, this can cause health issues for people and often a very unpleasant experience! This must be addressed as soon as possible as can cause odours as well as health issues.

Another question we often receive is if we believe that some jobs can be done without calling for a plumber. Although it is true that some jobs may be technically possible with basic tools and knowledge, like loose tiles repair, average people lack the understanding and years of experience of plumbing such as 24 hour local plumber Bristol.

Cheap plastic pipes or old iron pipes

Some people ask if a small leak in a pipe is enough of a problem to warrant calling a plumber. The truth is, a damaged pipe is in fact, a major issue. Pipes which are made of strong and modern materials such as plastic or stainless steel can cause much fewer problems such as leakage.

However, cheap plastic pipes, loose tiles or old iron pipes can cause problems as they corrode. This corrosion can lead to not only issues of water getting out of the pipes and causing damage, but also issues of foreign bodies and sediment getting into the drinking water through the holes in the pipe and causing illness from contamination.

Other topics which we often receive questions about involve problems relating to fixtures such as taps, heaters, washing machines, dishwashers and showers. Many people are not aware that old fixtures such as these, (we recommend) should be replaced regularly in order to maintain the standard of the plumbing within a building.

A recently installed dishwasher